Green Assets is Landowners Working with Landowners®. We work to bring environmental and economic value to our landowner clients through unique opportunities and markets.  Our in-house team’s  proven expertise in the development of forest carbon offset projects and other land management services, coupled with our passion for conservation, enables us to help landowners create a recurring revenue stream while preserving healthy, working forests.

Carbon offsets can be sold in both compliance and voluntary markets, offering diversified opportunities and options for landowners. Green Assets assumes all up-front project development costs and customizes a strategy to support our clients’ specific goals. To date, Green Assets has a 100% success rate across our forest carbon offset project portfolio.

On February 13th, 2022, Green Assets Founder and Chairman Hunter Parks passed away in a tragic plane crash off the coast of North Carolina.  Anyone who was fortunate enough to meet Hunter, would attest to his bright and genuine disposition, as well as his generous and giving nature. Hunter was a true pioneer in the carbon business. He founded Green Assets to support landowners like himself in a burgeoning, yet difficult-to-navigate industry.


For those of us at Green Assets, Hunter will be missed tremendously.  As a man of many titles, he will ultimately be remembered as a true friend, and an invaluable mentor to each and every one of us.  His relentless pursuit to be the “first, best, and only” will carry on in our current projects, and pave the way for our future endeavors.  


Moving forward, Bailey Evans will serve as acting CEO, continuing the pursuit of Hunter’s dream and continuance of his storied legacy, in collaboration with all of Hunter’s hand-picked team members. The Green Assets team, including Kaitlyn Costin, Jonathan Pomp, Jeff Johnson, Lynn Floyd, Rob Eckenrode, Drew Hall, Matt Hamilton, Will Rike, Riley Goodwin, and Carolyn Rhodes, is dedicated to continuing Hunter’s work and pursuing his dream, following in the footsteps of his accomplishments.  


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Notable Achievements

Green Assets is the sole supplier of carbon credits under the California Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Avoided Conversion Forest Carbon Offset Protocol.

Green Assets developed the first and only ARB Avoided Conversion forest carbon offset projects in the country.

Only forest carbon offset development firm whose founder has a forest carbon offset project on his personal property.

First and only forest carbon offset development firm to create and execute a Qualified Conservation Easement.

First and only project developer to register carbon credits for six reporting periods at once.

Only forest carbon offset development firm to have a 100% success rate on contracted forest carbon offset projects.