Landowners Working with Landowners®

HP HeadshotFounder and Chairman, Hunter Parks, became aware of an emerging US Carbon Market in the mid 1990’s. During the early days of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and through the Congressional attempt at passing a federal cap-and-trade bill, Hunter remained optimistic about the potential of mitigating climate change through the use of “carbon credits” – a free-market commodity that could be bought, sold and traded within the private sector.

With a genuine passion for conservation and sustainable land management, Hunter was naturally inclined to pursue forest-based carbon offset projects as a means to enter the market. With that goal in mind, Hunter sold his business and began educating himself in all aspects of both the national and international carbon arena. After successfully implementing a carbon offset project on his own family land, Hunter knew that it was time to begin sharing his experience with others. Several years of conferences, meetings, and research culminated in the official formation of Green Assets, Inc. in 2010.

For landowners to fully understand the carbon offset system and its implications they need to hear about it from a fellow landowner who is familiar with the goals and objectives as well as the challenges and planning necessary to make long-term decisions concerning their family land. Hunter knew that by doing a carbon project on his own land he would gain first-hand knowledge and valuable insight into the intricacies of project development. Thus the guiding motto of Green Assets: “Landowners Working with Landowners®.” This simple phrase sums up the philosophy and guiding directive of our company.