Landowners Working with Landowners®

Green Assets is pleased to announce our newest team member – Kaitlyn Costin. Kaitlyn is a native of Southeastern North Carolina where she grew up in a small farming community near Topsail Island. Her upbringing instilled in her a love for nature and, particularly, coastal environments. She has a passion for environmental issues and a strong commitment to sustainable initiatives. This passion influenced her academic career, leading her to earn a B.S. in Environmental Science with a minor in Oceanography and a certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. As an undergrad, Kaitlyn studied abroad in Australia where her interests in forestry lead her to volunteer with Conservation Volunteers. Her efforts helped to restore native tree species in Australia through large-scale reforestation projects. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked as a Trawl Rationalization Technician with NOAA in Seattle, Washington. Kaitlyn continued her education, returning to UNC-W, where she earned a Master’s degree in Marine Science and a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS) in 2015.

As Director of Implementation, Kaitlyn brings a strong GIS and spatial analysis skill set to the Green Assets Team. She is responsible for establishing, maintaining and implementing development plans for all of the company’s forest carbon offset projects.