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Hunter goes to Paris! COP 21 Climate Conference

Hunter Parks, Founder and Chairman of Green Assets, was invited to once again participate in this year’s United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, France. This was the 21st congress of the parties (COP21) and, arguably, the most important meeting to date. The meeting played host to the most heads-of-state ever assembled in one place and helped to solidify the world’s commitment to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, as expected, forest conservation is going to play a huge role in helping to alleviate global warming and helping nations meet their emissions requirements as set forth in the newly adopted “Paris Agreement.”

The successful completion of Paris UN Climate Conference represents an historic opportunity to put the world on course to meet the climate change challenge. According to Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary UNFCCC, “the world needs a new model of growth that is safe, durable and beneficial to all. COP21 seeks to deliver a clear pathway with short and long term milestones, and a system to help us measure and increase progress over time until we get the job done.”

We are proud that Hunter was able to once again represent Green Assets and participate in this historic meeting. Our company is on the cutting edge of accounting for and curbing carbon emissions and the California ARB forest protocol is the most robust and valuable carbon credit system in the world. We hope that the resolutions reached at COP21 will echo around the world and inspire other nations to conserve our precious forest ecosystems.