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Green Assets, Inc. is an environmental asset design company that benefits landowners by creating revenue through forest carbon development programs and expert land management practices. We specialize in forestry-based carbon credit projects including: improved forest management, avoided conversion, and reforestation projects.

Forest environments serve as a natural filter for the air we breathe, and having clean air is fundamental to our health and lives. To ensure that this natural process is maintained and maximized, Green Assets is committed to preserving forestland and managing the associated resources.

Green Assets creates revenue streams by sustaining ecological assets. We are “landowners working with landowners” to maximize the economic and environmental potential of your property. We employ the highest level professionals to provide a turn-key process for generating, verifying, and monetizing carbon offset credits.

Green Assets provides industry expertise, a proven track record, and a high level of integrity and transparency in the design of our projects.


Landowners register tracts of land, on which Green Assets measures the carbon dioxide taken in from the air and filtered – this creates “carbon credits.” A carbon credit is an instrument created to represent one metric ton (or 2, 205 US pounds) of carbon dioxide removed from the air by a carbon reducing project. Carbon credits can be used to offset your own carbon footprint, or sold to create an additional income source for your property. Registering and measuring natural resources in this way is called a “carbon sequestration project.”